The Power of Plants

'The Power of Plants', acts as a follow up to a personal project, which looked at fairy tales and the representations of witches through different cultures and time periods. This project concentrated on herbalism and 'earth-mothers', which is often themes used to represent witchcraft.

Many of the pieces produced throughout this project, focused on women as the subject of the pieces, however plants soon took over as the subject of this project, leading on to research into the uses of plants; such as 'Absinthe' and medicines. Throughout this research, I became interested in the tales of mythology and folklore, that surrounded different plants.


My piece 'La Fee Verte', centres around Absinthe, and the concept of the green fairy. The piece itself, is much inspired by Art Nouveau posters and the work of Alphonse Mucha. To create this, I used a multitude of techniques, both traditional and digital, to create an image that looked both traditional yet modern.